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Glass strongly influences modern architectural design. The creative use of large windows, glass doors, roof lights, and atria, among many other applications, makes buildings and houses bright, airy, and inviting and energy efficient.

For centuries, bonding has proven successful as a joining technology in civil construction. Since the time, the technology of bonding has been subjected to great progress. The modern civil engineer is using adhesive bonding in many areas of building, mostly without being aware that he is using this technology.

This field is still reluctant to the use of innovative techniques and has historically been very conservative. Still only technically mature and proven methods are used and new techniques must first prove their reliability.

Our well-trained engineers are able to provide you best consulting technically. Our main active fields are:



Two component silicone sealant for double glazing


Two component adhesive silicone for structural bonding


One component adhesive silicone for structural bonding


Primary sealant for double glazing